Best NFL Running Backs Of All Time

In regards to quarterbacks, there are a lot of variables to consider when ranking them.

When it comes to running backs, it’s quite simple. If you’re the best, you’ve probably carried the ball the farthest distance. Of course amount of touchdowns matter, bet let’s stick to the rushing yards when we rank the best running backs of all time.

Fun fact: all of them are Hall of Famers… Except the only guy that’s still playing, Frank Gore.

10) Jim Brown

Rushing yards: 12 312.

9) Tony Dorsett

Rushing yards: 12 739.

8) Eric Dickerson

Rushing yards: 13 259.

7) Jerome Bettis

Rushing yards: 13 662.

6) LaDainian Tomlinson

Rushing yards: 13 684.

5) Frank Gore

Rushing yards: 14 026.

4) Curtis Martin

Rushing yards: 14 101.

3) Barry Sanders

Rushing yards: 15 269.

2) Walter Payton

Rushing yards: 16 726.

1) Emmitt Smith

Rushing yards: 18 355.

Not only can he run and score, he can dance too.


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