Best American Sports Cities In The 21st Century

Winning major league championships is fun, eh? Lifting the trophy, getting a ring and throwing a huge parade in the city where all your fans get to celebrate with you.

Wanna know what city have gotten to do that the most this century? Just read below and we assure you you’ll find out:

T-11) Baltimore

Championships: 2 (Ravens).

T-11) New Jersey

Championships: 2 (Devils).

T-11) Oakland

Championships: 2 (Golden State Warriors).

T-11) Tampa Bay

Championships: 2 (Buccaneers 1, Lighting 1).

T-11) Denver

Championships: 2 (Broncos 1, Colorado Avalanche 1).

T-11) Anaheim

Championships: 2 (Angels 1, Ducks 1).

T-8) San Francisco

Championships: 3 (Giants).

T-8) Detroit

Championships: 3 (Red Wings 2, Pistons 1).

T-8) St. Louis

Championships: 3 (Cardinals 2, Rams 1).

T-5) San Antonio

Championships: 4 (Spurs).

T-5) Miami

Championships: 4 (Heat 3, Florida Marlins 1).

T-5) New York

Championships: 4 (Giants 2, Yankees 2).

T-3) Pittsburgh

Championships: 5 (Penguins 3, Steelers 2).

T-3) Chicago

Championships: 5 (Blackhawks 3, Cubs 1, White Sox 1).

2) Los Angeles

Championships: 7 (Lakers 5, Kings 2).

1) Boston

Championships: 10 (Patriots 5, Red Sox 3, Bruins 1, Celtics 1).

– – – – – – – – – –

P.S. If the Bostonians don’t want to count Foxborough and the Patriots championships as theirs, congratulations Los Angeles on being the best. D.S.

Aaaaand if anyone cares, here are the cities that have won a championship once this side of the Y2K: Cleveland, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh, Seattle.


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