Most Home Runs In MLB History

Who doesn’t love the sound of a baseball hitting the bat followed by “it’s outta here” with a cheering crowd in the background?

Here are the ten players that have experienced that exact moment the most amount if times. Being the person hitting the ball, that is:

10) Frank Robinson

Home runs: 586.

9) Sammy Sosa

Home runs: 609.

8) Jim Thome

Home runs: 612.

7) Albert Pujols

Home runs: 614.

6) Ken Griffey

Home runs: 630.

5) Willie Mays

Home runs: 660.

4) Alex Rodriguez

Home runs: 696.

3) Babe Ruth

Home runs: 714.

2) Hank Aaron

Home runs: 755.

1) Barry Bonds

Home runs: 762.

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