Guinness World Records You Could Actually Beat

Longest game

Record: 108 hours and 2 minutes.

If your playing a soccer/football game for four and a half days, you would hope to get something out of it.

The blokes in Heartbeat United FC from the U.K. got a world record whilst raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Most volley goals in one minute

Record: 20.

This one is too easy. Dele Alli and Georges-Kévin N’Koudou teamed up and only got 20 goals. No wonder Tottenham haven’t won the league since 1961.

So ask your grandma to be your partner, get the officials to your closest pitch and you’re almost sure to get your hands on that diploma.

Most management rejection letters

Record: 126.

Yeah, it’s a thing. David Boyne applied for a job at Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United amongst at least 122 other positions.

So start spamming clubs and hope they’re kind enough to get back to you.

Longest tour

Record: 12 countries.

Want to mix it up during preseason? Do like Lenton Griffins and travel intensely.

They managed to play fixtures in Wales, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France, Andorra, Spain and Morrocco. All in one month.

Highest catch

Record: 102.5 meters.

David Seaman (yes, him) and Gavin Henson both caught a ball from 102.5 meters up in the air for the world record.

Now, if you’re gonna try this at home, be aware of the fact that at this specific time the ball was traveling at a speed of 85 mph/137 kmh.

Fastest time to complete 50 passes

Record: 27.39 seconds.

This record was also held by Tottenham players, but then got their asses kicked by Kushtrim Hetemi and Labinot Zeneli who completed the task in 27.39 seconds.

The only rule is basically that you have to be two meters apart. So go ahead and try.

– – – – – – – – – –

Then there are a boatload of other records that are up for grabs, since no one has officially applied for them.

If you feel like hanging out with a crossbar all day, you can beat the record of farthest distance (with or without being blindfolded), most hits in one minute or hour, most rabona crossbar hits in one minute.

So get out there and try, folks.


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