Top Ten Playmaking NHL Goalies Of All Time

Ah, goaltenders. Aren’t they just the best? Just sitting there at the back, ready to save the entire team from getting spanked. History has also showed they’re the most mentally disturbed creatures on a sports team. We love it!

But what if that crazy person behind you could also score points? We have ranked the highest scoring NHL goaltenders:

10) Sean Burke

Teams: New Jersey Devils, Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, Florida Panthers, Phoenix Coyotes, Tampa Bay Lightning, LA Kings.

Stats: 0 goals, 28 assists for 28 points.

If you’ve played for nine different teams you kinda have to be lucky a couple of times.

9) Curtis Joseph

Teams: St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames.

Stats: 0 goals, 31 assists for 31 points.

”CuJo” has no cups and no Vezina Trophies. But hey, at least you got the King Clancy Trophy in 2000. Together with Chris Joseph. No, seriously.

8)  Ron Hextall

Teams: Philadelphia Flyers, Quebec Nordiques, New York Islanders.

Stats: 1 goal, 32 assists for 33 points.

Impressive, but he’ll be remembered for the record breaking 584 penalty minutes, speaking of being nuts.

7) Ed Belfour

Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers.

Stats: 0 goals, 34 assists for 34 points.

Fun fact: he finished his career with Leksand in the Swedish second division. Maybe not as fun for him, but still.

6) John Vanbiesbrouck

Teams: New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils.

Stats: 0 goals, 35 assists for 35 points.

Sixth place in points, first place in last name.

5) Mike Vernon

Teams: Calgary Flames, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Florida Panthers.

Stats: 0 goals, 39 assists for 39 points.

Sounds like a car salesman. Surely he loves to drive stick with gloves.

4) Patrick Roy

Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Colorado Avalanche.

Stats: 0 goals, 45 assists for 45 points.

Ironically the Colorado Avalanche has won about 45 games since Roy retired as a player.

3) Grant Fuhr

Teams: Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, LA Kings, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames.

Stats: 0 goals, 47 assists for 47 points.

Grant Fuhr from Spruce Grove. If no-one is going to make a sitcom based on that plot, we might have to.

2) Martin Brodeur

Teams: New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues.

Stats: 2 goals, 45 assists for 47 points.

Arguably the best goaltender to have ever played in the NHL. He’s also the only one two have scored multiple goals in the league. Maybe consistency pays off.

1) Tom Barrasso

Teams: Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues.

Stats: 0 goals, 48 assists for 48 points.

Howbow dah, Canada? An American tops the list. Unless Roberto Luongo is going to score 28 points in his last few years, it looks like it’s gonna stay like that for a while.

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