Top Ten Worst NBA Players Of All Time

There are heaps of ways to analyze players in the NBA. And what you are about to read might not be the best one, well, it most certainly isn’t even good at all. But let’s have some fun.

What is the thing that makes a team lose? Losing possession of the ball, in any way shape of form, kinda ruins it for everyone else.

So without further ado, here’s the players that have had the most turnovers in NBA history:

10) Paul Pierce

Turnovers: 3 532.

Played for: Celtics, Nets, Wizards, Clippers.

9) Patrick Ewing

 Turnovers: 3 537.

Played for: Knicks, Sonics, Magic.

8) Hakeem Olajuwon

 Turnovers: 3 667.

Played for: Rockets, Raptors.

7) Isiah Thomas

Turnovers: 3 682.

Played for: Pistons.

6) LeBron James

Turnovers: 3 797.

Played for: Cavaliers, Heat.

5) Moses Malone

Turnovers: 3 804.

Played for: Braves, Rockets, 76ers, Bullets, Hawks, Bucks, Spurs.

4) Jason Kidd

Turnovers: 4 003.

Played for: Mavericks, Suns, Nets, Knicks.

3) Kobe Bryant

Turnovers: 4 010.

Played for: Lakers.

2) John Stockton

Turnovers: 4 244.

Played for: Jazz.

1) Karl Malone

Turnovers: 4 524.

Played for: Jazz, Lakers.

It’s always nice to reach some sort of conclusion at the end of these lists. So here it is:

Stockton and Malone are the worst things to have ever happened the state of Utah.

All stats are as of January 15th 2018 and collected from So LeBron still has the chance to be the worst player ever.

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